Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lessons from Rest: Soul-Care (I)

Warning: ignore your soul at your own risk.

If there was one over-arching thing that encompasses everything from my time away, it's this: we are not super-human. We are not supermen or superwomen. We are not immune from growing weary and tired. We are not "plug and play" devices, nor are we "solar-powered" or "battery-powered." What we are is human, and as such, we are prone to many things. And the "thing" that fuels everything is our soul. What is our "soul" you ask? I looked it up to see what the world has to say...and I think that if you combine these definitions, we get close to a good definition...

Soul - the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body...a person's total self.

Now don't get hung up on what the proper definition of the word "soul" is, or the history of the word. When I refer to your "soul," the simple definition above works. Soul is your "total self" - that part of you that gives life to everything else. Ignore it at your own peril.

I am writing from the perspective of hindsight. I didn't know it at the time, but when I started my sabbatical, I was tired. Physically tired, yes, but even more alarming, I was "soul" tired. I was weary. I was juggling too many plates, taking on too many challenges, making too many sacrifices, and relying too much on my own strength. I have learned...ignoring your soul will have the effect of depleting you. Get depleted too much and you get on a very slippery slope.

So what are you doing to care for your soul? What are you doing to insure you stay fresh? What are you doing to make sure that you are not already on that slope? The whole point of this first post is simple; caring for your soul is a must for a healthy, happy life.

I close with this quote from Oswald Chambers;

"Jealously guard your relationship with God. Jesus prayed 'that they may be one just as We are one'—with nothing in between (John 17:22). Keep your whole life continually open to Jesus Christ. Don’t pretend to be open with Him. Are you drawing your life from any source other than God Himself? If you are depending on something else as your source of freshness and strength, you will not realize when His power is gone."

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