Friday, February 17, 2012

Power of a Song: 10,000 Reasons...

10,000 Reasons...
- to Worship
- to Sing
- to be Thankful
- to Surrender
- to Serve
- to Pray
- to Love

10,000 reasons (and more) to devote your life to loving God with everything you are.

Something I rarely do, I'm about to do again...promote something. The "something" is a music album by one of my favorite worship leaders, Matt Redman. The name of the album is 10,000 Reasons, (also the name of one of his tracks). The album is full of inspired music that will turn your heart and mind to Christ. One of the songs we are working on right now, getting ready to teach our congregation is called "Where Would We Be" (hear it here)

Some of the lyrics:
You came to search and rescue
In love, the Father sent You
Broke through the darkest night
You came to seek and save us
You came to liberate us

Jesus, You heard our cry

You are the hope eternal
You are the Light of this world
Jesus, our rescuer
We live our lives to thank You
How could we not adore You?
Jesus, our rescuer

Where would we be without your love
We'd still be lost in darkness
Where would we be with your cross
You made a way to save us
O Your love, O Your love

The entire album is filled with songs that speak powerfully to the two huge parts of worship;
1) What God has done and is doing for us, (His revelation)
2) Our response to this (worship)

Worship is much more then what happens on Sunday mornings at a church. It is 24/'re always worshipping something or someone. If you need something to help you turn your heart and mind to worship in between those Sunday's, check out this album...10,000 Reasons. And worship...