Friday, October 21, 2011

Power of a Song: Awakeningl

"Awake, my soul!" (Psalm 57:8)

Do you ever have those moments where something that seemed so familiar, all of a sudden becomes new again? Maybe something that was always there, but now seems different. You're driving home and you notice a tree changing colors that you've never noticed before. You're out and about and see a building, or restaurant, and you ask your wife "is that new?" and she says, "no, honey, it's always been there." And you think, "how could I have missed it?

As believers, this type of thing should happen to us often. You're reading your Bible and come across a passage that seemed so familiar, but takes on a whole new meaning. It's God's Spirit speaking to you.

This just happened to me this week; a song that I'd heard a thousand times, but usually as background music, struck me in a new and powerful way. Ironically, it's called "awakening." Why did this song impact me so much this week? I'm not sure...

Maybe because like Keith Green wrote so many years ago, I often feel like I'm "asleep in the light."
Maybe because I long for know that I'm making a difference in eternity.
Maybe because I spoil for a battle, but wonder if I could overcome my fears should that battle ever materialize.
Maybe because I know I was made for more then what I'm experiencing right now.
Maybe because I hear God's voice constantly beckoning me closer, into a more intimate relationship with Him.
Maybe because I feel like there is a challenge awaiting me, and I long to enter it and be proved worthy, and yet so often my own fears hold me back.

And then I sing this song and for a few brief moments I feel my soul rise up and I am convinced that in God's strength I can do what He calls me to do. The song transforms, that's not quite right. God transforms me as I listen, sing, and worship. And in that moment, this simple lyric becomes my most earnest prayer.

"God, awaken my soul, awaken me..."

Take a moment and watch/listen;

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