Friday, September 30, 2011


"If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this..." "Aim at heaven, and you'll get earth thrown in. Aim at earth, and you'll get neither." (C.S. Lewis)

How much time do you spend thinking about heaven? How much time do you spend dreaming about heaven? I mean really thinking about what heaven will be like. Do you know what it will be like? When I even ask those questions, what comes to your mind? A surge of adrenalin, of anticipation, or a "yawn"? Do you "hope" that heaven is going to be exciting, or do you "know" that it is?

If you're like many Christians you've been duped, tricked, fooled. I believe that one of satan's greatest weapons to cripple Christians, making us so ineffective, is somehow getting us to buy into the lie that heaven will be boring. I mean after all, what in the world will be do for an eternity? We'll have fun for awhile, but then we'll get bored. Or worse yet, all we're going to do is sing all day long. Isn't that what worship is, after all? Singing?

I'm doing something I rarely do in this blog...I'm recommending a book. The book is titled "Heaven,"  written by Randy Alcorn. I believe that every Christian should read this book. It's not a perfect book, and he gets a little repetitive, and I wish it was shorter; but still, it will get you excited about heaven all over again.

Heaven, will be awesome. Imagine the best vacation you've ever had and multiply it times a thousand. Heaven will be full of fulfillment, security, love. Heaven will have adventure, rest, discovery, and wandering. In heaven we'll see loved ones, family, friends, and those whose lives we impacted without ever knowing. Heaven will be more beautiful then the most glorious sunset you've ever seen. In heaven we'll have time to be the person that God had designed us to be. The part of you that you've been hiding.

Heaven is not some abstract place up in the clouds. Heaven is not boring. Heaven is not repetitive.

Heaven is a reunion with your Creator. Heaven is face to face with Jesus. Heaven is Eden. Heaven is renewal. Heaven is earth as it was meant to be; more colorful, more vivid, more beautiful. No death or decay, but life. Heaven is man with no sin. God will one day soon come and set things right. He will renew the earth (not destroy it). Think of the happiest moment of your life, and that is a taste of heaven.

Heaven is Home. The Home you were always meant to have. Heaven should grip your heart and occupy your mind. And once you get a glimpse, you'll do everything you can to help everyone you know get into heaven with you.

Is heaven in you?

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bradwidman said...

thanks for the reminder Mike. Heaven is truly home. Recently I watched a close family go thru the loss of a daughter/sister. Talking with them and watching how they handled the situation helped me realize, our time on earth is only for a short while. before long, we will be united with our Maker. our Friend. and our Father with perfect peace. heaven IS my/our home.