Sunday, September 11, 2011


9/11 - Two words that will forever hold significance for those who lived through the events of Sept 11, 2001. On that date the world changed forever. All of us have memories from that morning; where we were, what we were doing, how we got the news. Many of us seem to know someone who was there, or close by. As the images of that morning flashed across newsrooms we all sat horrified, seeing the death of so many.

My thoughts at this time turn to so many are three.

1) Life is fragile.  Life is much more fragile than any of us ever want to think. For everyone who woke up that morning and went to work in the two towers, they never could have imagined what would await them...for many, the last hours of their life on earth. Or consider those who were on the airplanes; maybe on a business trip or vacation, or on their way to see family. They never imagined their planes would be hijacked and rammed into buildings. Life is fragile and apart from God granting us every breath we take, we would cease to exist. As James says, "You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes."

The point? Make today count...this moment, sieze it for God's purposes and His glory. Whether in little things like loving your wife and children, or big things such as sharing your faith, feeding the poor, caring for the needy; in all things, make today count.

"Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose today, and is coming back tomorrow." (Theodore Epp)

2) Broaden your perspective. The events of 9/11 were tragic and historic as thousands of people lost their lives. The best estimate is 2977 people lost their lives, plus another 19 dead hijackers. This is tragic. However, let us remember that 25,000 people die every day due to hunger. Every 3 seconds, someone dies because of hunger related causes. I have often asked myself why my heart doesn't break for that as much as it does for the deaths of 9/11? Probably because it's just too big; it's a statistic that doesn't touch my life. And yet it breaks God's heart. And that's only hunger related deaths. We are insulated in the United States, and blessed...many fear for their lives daily.

The point? As the song says, "[God], Break my heart for what breaks yours." And do something. All of us, especially in America, have resources at our disposal to do something to alleviate suffering, hunger, and injustice. Let's get in the game. Let it never be said of me, "he thought it was just too overwhelming so he didn't do anything." Much better to be said "even though it is overwhelming, he made a difference for a few."

3) Pray. The day Sept. 11, 2001 should have been a wake up call for many of us. It should cause us to pray for at least three things;
- Pray for Revival: As much as many people turned to God during this crisis, how many more turned back to themselves once the tragedy had passed. We need to pray for God to awaken the it is the church that is God's strategy to save the world. 
- Pray for our Leaders: "As the leaders go, so goes the people." We need to continually hold our leaders before the Almighty God.
- Pray for our enemies. Yes, as much as we might not want to do this, it is God's heart for us that we pray for our enemies. 

And yes, let us take time today to remember. 

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