Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who is God?

Creation offers us a glimpse of who God is...
Have you ever tried to describe God? Do you ever stop to ponder who He is? Do I ever stop long enough when I pray to consider just who God is and who I am approaching in prayer?

I love this song by David Crowder, which perfectly summarizes my feeble attempts to describe God.

I need words, as wide as sky
I need language wide as, this longing inside
And I need a voice, that's bigger than mine
And I need a song to sing you, that I've yet to find

Words are not enough to describe God. Still, we should try. We should try to describe Him. Why? Because when we do, we are forcing our minds to learn about Him, to know Him, to understand Him. Yes, it's impossible to understand God because He is unfathomable. It's impossible, but not pointless. In our pursuit of describing Him, we pursue Him. And in pursuing Him, we learn about Him...what matters to Him, what is close to His heart, and how we can bring pleasure to Him. Consider these words from God Himself;

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13)
The promise is we'll find Him...not necessarily understand Him or His ways, but find Him. We find Him when we seek Him. Stop right now, stop what you're doing, and start making a list. Describe God. Who He is. I'll start for you...

- Savior, Friend, Redeemer, Banner, Holy, Near, Sovereign, Loving...

Now keep going with your list. And know that as you pursue God, you will find Him. He loves you, and He loves to see you seek Him.

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