Friday, May 6, 2011

Axioms, Adages, and Proverbs (8): Leadership

If your'e late to the party, I am a collector of what I call "Axioms, Adages, and Proverbs" - quotes or sayings that motivate me. If you want to catch up on other posts in this thread, click here. It's been awhile since I contributed to this category of posts so here's a new one. It comes from Wayne Cordeiro, Pastor and Leader of New Hope church in Oahu. His leadership launched this church into the multiple thousands, and they have since planted all over the country and world. I recently was listening to a podcast of his directed at leaders. He had this to say;

In the end you won’t be measured by what you do, but by what others do because of what you have done. (Wayne Cordeiro)

Now don't be mis-led...we know from Scripture that indeed we will be judged for all of our deeds...some will burn, others will survive the fire. However, what Wayne was alluding to was in regard to our leadership. What does real leadership look like?

The good leaders lead people...the great leaders equip people. What I mean is this; some of us lead by doing lots of great things, and that is great, but our leadership will only extend so far. The great leaders are those who pour into others, equip them, and set them loose to use their gifts to lead. There's a simple model for this;

1) You watch, I do
2) We do together
3) I watch, you do
4) You do alone

If you want your influence to expand, you have to multiply yourself. Ultimately it means "working yourself out of a job."

In the New Testament we get a great picture of the relationship Paul has with his young apprentice, Timothy. Paul poured into Timothy, trained him up and set him loose. Who's your Timothy? Who are you pouring into and training up? Or are you holding so tightly to your leadership position that you feel insecure in training anyone else up behind you?

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