Friday, October 1, 2010


What's POV, you ask?  So glad you asked!  It stands for "Point of View" as in, "depending on your 'point of view,' " the Huskies loss to Nebraska last Saturday is either a blip on their way to their first bowl game in years, or a sign of another sub-.500 season.  Or "depending on your 'point of view,' " Starbucks epitomizes what good coffee should be, or, they over-roast their beans and have merely cashed in on American's caffeine addition.  Or "depending on your 'point of view,' " jazz instrumental music is only fit for elevators, or jazz instrumental music show-cases incredibly talented and creative musicians.

Depending on your 'point of view,' God is a task-master, or God is a genie in heaven, or He is so Holy we could never come close to Him, or He is our best friend.  He is either the forgiver who never holds our sin against us, or He is a just and righteous God that demands our awe.
You have to be careful with point of view.  Point of view is often based more on our experiences rather than facts.  The thing is, our 'point of view's' change so quickly.  Take these two pictures, for example.  Same building, same day, same minute, but very different pictures.  The only difference?  About 10 feet.  In photography, often the difference between a good picture and a great picture all boils down to your Point of View.  You have to move a few feet, or sometimes just a few inches to get the angle and lighting just right.

In life, often the difference between a bitter person and a joyful person, is simply how they view their lives.  Is the glass half-empty, or half-full?  Do I spend more time counting blessings, or worrying about trials?  What is your point of view as you go through life?

"Be joyful always; 
pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

What's your point of view?  Is your glass half-empty, or half-full?  If you're struggling right now with some sort of test or trial, some circumstance that has hit you or something that has you worried constantly, STOP!  Pause for a moment and write down on a piece of paper all that you're thankful for.  Try it - it just might change your point of view.

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