Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Big is Your God?

This post doesn't need a lot of explaining.  It is simply one verse that literally jumps off the page in Numbers 11.  The context is important, read it for yourself, here;

Basically, the Israelites are complaining to God about not having anything to eat except manna.  In turn, Moses is complaining to God about the Israelites.  God promises to give them meat for an entire month!  Moses reminds God that there are 600,000 men (plus women and children...which probably puts them well over 2 million) and he's not sure that God is up to the task.  God's reply is simple, yet profoundly important and carries enormous implications for us in so many situations;

"The Lord answered Moses, 'Is the Lord's arm too short?' "

In other words, "Moses, do you doubt me?  After all I've led you through, and all the miracles I've shown you, you actually doubt that I can do this?"

It's easy to read this account and be highly judgmental, thinking that you would never have questioned God, and never have doubted Him...I wonder, though, that given the circumstances, I quite likely might have acted the same way.  In fact, I HAVE - and so have you.

Think about it - every single time you worry, every time you lose hope, every time you feel like giving up, every time you give in to temptation or despair, you are, in effect saying to God, "Your arm is too short to do what You say You can do."  Sad to say, but there have been many times that either by my words or actions, I have told God, "I don't believe You...Your arm is too short."

The essence of Christianity is trust.  Us trusting God.  It's the foundation for the entire relationship.  How can we trust Him?  We must seek to know Him...deeply, experientially, emotionally, passionately, intellectually - no, we will never understand Him in full, for He is God and His ways are far above ours...but the more we seek Him, the more He reveals Himself to us, and the more we can trust Him.

Today, quite simply, my prayer is that you and I would remember that God's arm is definitely long enough to handle anything that will ever come our way.

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