Friday, March 5, 2010

What I'm Reading

If you notice, on the side of this blog I have a section called "What I'm Reading."  Allow me to highlight this section for a moment, and share with you a bit of the journey I'm on.

The Journey I'm On: It's been one of lots of ups and downs and I have had to learn to manage my time in new ways in order to maintain my health.  All of these books have played/are playing a role in helping me to stay healthy, and to make sure I'm living a life on purpose with balance.  I simply wanted to highlight these for you, just in case you need a good book...

Leading on Empty: This is a book by Wayne Cordeiro.  Wayne is a pastor of a very large, successful church in Hawaii, and he went through a crisis in his life and experienced a major melt-down in his physical and spiritual health, and in his ministry.  The first I learned of his journey was a session at The Leadership Summit 3+ years ago...his session was titled "Dead Leader Running."  More than any other session, this one has stuck with me.  I bought the dvd and have watched it with my wife several times.  I have also bought copies for many other leaders I know who seem to be nearing burnout.  The book is his follow up to that session.  If you are nearing burnout, or want to help prevent it, this book and dvd are must-read/must-see.  While I never had burnout to the extent Wayne has, his principles that he learned have helped me immensely in monitoring my health and keeping me from that crisis.

Pure Pleasure: This book, by local author Gary Thomas, seemed to dovetail perfectly with where I was/am in life.  The subtitle tells you the heart of this book; "Why Christians Feel so Bad about Feeling Good."  If you seem to fight legalism, a hard-core work ethic, or seem to have lost the joy of being a Christian, this book might be just what you need to "come back to your first love."

Lord of the Rings: I don't need to tell you what it's about.  However, I put it here so that you know that I don't always/only read stuff on leadership or spiritual health.  Sometimes, I just need to get lost in a good story and I can think of no better place to get lost in than Middle-Earth.  The books are far better than the movies, which were splendid.  And don't get me started on all the changes or "errors" that the movies contained.  :-)

The New Age of Adventure: I love adventure stories and this book is a wonderful collection of short stories that were just what I needed.  It's put out by National Geographic and is a very fun read...(our local library has a copy of it).

The Hole in our Gospel: Author is Richard Stearns, the President of World Vision.  Don't read this book if you're content in your life.  It will "rock your world" and has rocked mine.  In fact, I had to stop reading it about halfway through as I was needing to focus on my spiritual health.  It takes a hard look at what our role is as American Christians in helping "the least of these." 

Well there you go!  That's what I'm reading right now.  Well actually, I've finished Pure Pleasure and The New Age of Adventure...but I'm reading the other three.

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