Saturday, November 14, 2009


I love to take pictures and while I was out today, I was simply observing life, looking for a shot, when I took these two photos.  People often ask me about photography and while there are a number of technical aspects, most of which I don't think about as much as I ought, I find that the most important thing about taking a good picture is seeing it - observing.  And then, framing the shot in just the right way.  Quite often the difference between a good photo and a great photo might be the difference in moving your body 3' one way or the other.  In other words, perspective.  While neither of these two pictures is going to make National Geographic or anything, I simply use them to illustrate the point...changing your perspective can dramatically change a picture.

Now take life for a moment; in another week I'll be preaching on Thankfulness and while I don't want to give away my message, I do want to make the simple point; thankfulness is ALL about you choose to look at life or a certain situation.

For example, my health;

On the one hand...
- I have chronic back pain in my lower right side
- I have a fairly stiff neck most days
- I have daily sinus and allergy problems and can't remember the last time I took a clean breath in through my nose
- I have to wear glasses

On the other hand...
- I'm younger than my years
- I have no major medical problems; heart, lungs, limbs, etc. all work
- I am active and athletic, playing soccer once a week, hiking, and enjoying life
- I have never broken a bone in my life's all about perspective.  Both lists are factual...focus on the first list, though, and I become resentful and frustrated, ultimately leading to a self-centered perspective.  Focus on the 2nd list, and I become thankful, worshipful, and focused on the Giver of all those gifts.

Thankfulness is the Foundation for Worship.


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