Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Running Lesson

Here's another running lesson - "work from rest."

So I have a loop I run - usually takes me about 17-18 minutes.  On one particular day I stopped mid-way through my run for about 1 minute exactly, just to say "hi" to someone I know that I was passing on the road.  I figured that with the stop, two things would happen; 1) I'd have a slower time and 2) I'd have a tough time getting going again.  I was wrong on both counts - even though I stopped, I still turned in a 17 minute run and in fact, the 2nd half was much easier than usual.

Here's the principal: "work from rest."  Most of us work hard and then, after the work is done, we try and rest.  Rest is always taken only if there's time leftover at the end.  However, I want to proposed that the best work is done "from rest" not "before rest."  Just as the short rest I took on the run fueled me to go faster for the 2nd half, so a "rest" spiritually and physically can fill us to run harder and faster in the work before us.

1) Sabbath rest is SO important.  6 days you work, 1 you rest.  Simple.  I have much more to say on the Sabbath here.
 2) Even in the middle of a day, "cat-naps" can give you that extra boost you need to keep going.  Don't "work SO you can rest," but "work out of your rest."

Now if only I can implement what I just Paul said, "I am the worst of [offenders]" - but I challenge you to endeavor to put this principle into practice.

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