Friday, October 10, 2008

Rest...part 3

One of the principles of the Sabbath is slowing down.
One great way to force yourself to slow down is to take some time to observe.
One way I use to force myself to observe, is to grab my camera and go out into nature.

Literally, God's beauty and majesty can be found anywhere and everywhere. He is in nature; the pattern on a leaf, a tree that is changing color from green to red, the majesty of a sunset or the power of a thunderstorm. God is creator and we know from Scripture that creation itself is longing for Christ's return; when the curse is lifted. Stop there - the curse.

Have you ever watched the most amazing sunset and wondered, if this is earth under a curse, what is it going to look like when the curse is lifted? Or even more to the point, have you ever stopped to consider what your life would be like without Jesus? Rudderless, hopeless, pointless. My point? Do you every stop to you ever stop?

Sabbath. Taking a deep breath, pausing, observing, wondering, remembering, communing, worshipping, stopping.

Be careful if you try it - you might like it.

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Anonymous said...

Just finished reading all three posts. Not only do I completely agree about the necessity and value of keeping Sabbath, I even wrote a congregational worship song on that very subject:

Keep up the interesting blogging...