Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rest...part 2

First, if you haven't read my post called Rest, read it first. Monday is my Sabbath Day. As a pastor, Sundays are always filled with things to do; therefore, my wife and I set Monday aside as our Sabbath. We are both learning what we need as individuals and as a couple to re-connect with God on the Sabbath. It is important; no, not important - it is absolutely necessary as breathing is.

Two days ago was our Sabbath day. It was a day unlike most others; and yet, it didn't quite meet my expectations. As I look back, it is not hard to see why. Yes, the day was different...and no, we didn't exactly work...but still, the day was full. A couple of errands, fixing a garage door, a beautiful dinner, visiting my new nephew (now almost 1 week old) - a lot of good things, and yet not quite what I need.

I am a fast mover, my wife always trying to get me to slow down. This is what I need most on the Sabbath. To sit, read, rest. To get out into the wilderness, talk with God, bask in the beauty of His creation. To observe things; a bird, an owl, the fall colors, the sound of the wind. To listen; God speaks through many voices, but almost all of them are hard to hear if I don't slow down. I am learning...slowly. What about you? Remember these keys...and they go in order.

1. God loves you...
2. God created the Sabbath for you...
3. The Sabbath is not a suggestion, but a command...because you need it so badly.

I am already looking forward to my next Sabbath...

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