Friday, September 26, 2008


I recently was able to spend 4 days on Lopez Island with my wife (to see some pictures from our trip, click here). Our one goal? Get refreshed. Goal accomplished. While there I read a book that has impacted me in a great way; it's called The Rest of God. It's a play on the word "rest" - meaning both "physical rest," and also meaning "the other part of God." In short, as the book title says, it's all about "restoring your soul by restoring the sabbath."

I read, I prayed, I was convicted. I am one of those people who feel like my busyness and work somehow link to my worthiness. If I rest, I'm lazy, unproductive. And yet, Sabbath was created for man... Could it be that God knows we need rest? A day set aside where we reconnect with God, and in so doing, re-connect with our own souls? I admit, part of the reason I avoid rest and quietness is because I'm afraid; afraid of what god might say to me, or reveal in me, or ask me to do. And yet, I know, deep down, that without remembering the Sabbath not only am I breaking a commandment, but I am depriving my soul of the one thing it needs most.

So how about you? Do you recognize a day of the week as a Sabbath? Do you set it apart; a time to cease working, a time to listen for God's voice, a time to re-energize? Is there a day out of 7 that looks altogether different than the other 6? As you might guess, I have much, much more to unpack about this...will you join me on the journey of re-discovering the Sabbath and in so doing, perhaps re-discovering your own soul?

If you're interested in more about our trip, you can check out this link to my family blog site.

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