Friday, May 9, 2008

The Greatest Gift...

Mother's Day is approaching and obviously, I have very mixed emotions as I sit here and write. This will be the first Mother's Day since my Mom passed away. I've been reflecting a bit and have concluded that there is one thing I miss more than anything, and it's the greatest gift that a Mother can give...what is it? Unconditional Love.

Nobody loves like a Mom. Think about it; whether I was physically sick or love-sick, she was always there. When I would lose hope or motivation, or just simply lose my way, she was believing in me. She always thought I was "special" with "special potential" which, of course, she believed not just about me but also my brother and sisters. If she were here today she'd tell you that she always knew I'd be a pastor. She came to all my games and concerts, always supporting. In short, she provided wind in my sails. So it is with all Mothers! They always believe their child is extra smart, extra gifted, that God has a "special" plan for them.

I'm not trying to sound sentimental or pretend that there was never any tough times, but as I look to fill the hole in my life that she has left, this is the hole that I've identified...and nobody can fill it. It's a special place reserved for Mothers. There is much strength that comes from someone who believes in you that much...and again, not to sound cliche, but it's the same way our heavenly Father believes in us.

In the beginning God created both Adam and Eve and there is a piece of Him in both men and women. I believe that through my Mom, God taught me and continues to teach me that He too loves me unconditionally; that He believes in me, has a plan for me, and no matter how many times I blow it, He will be there.

Thanks, Mom for teaching me and showing me God's love; I miss you. Happy Mother's Day!

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