Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

For those who don't know, my Mom unexpectadly passed away this passed August. I miss her. Today was her birthday. Happy Birthday Mom. I take comfort knowing you're in a better place...however cliche that may sound. We miss you. I'm doing what you would probably be doing if you were still here; watching a baseball game and hoping our home town boys can hang on for a win.

Why am I blogging on this? I don't know, but in some way, it helps. I'm preaching tomorrow and I know she'd be proud of me...but then again, no matter what I would do she would be proud of me. That's what I miss I think; the blind love. I get that kind of love and support from others, namely my wife, but it's different with a Mom. Funny...I preached last week and this week and one of the themes is God's unconditional love for us; even though He is our Father, I think in some ways His love is similar to that of a Mother; always believing the best in her kids, always proud of them, always there to's what I miss.

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