Friday, March 28, 2008

Post Easter...

So every year for the past 10 years or so, the week after Easter I've gone down to San Diego for a Music Conference. It's always perfect timing as there's such a big push in churches for the Easter Season...well this year, I didn't go (for a number of reasons, namely though, the conference changed ownership, locations, and a few other things).

So, how to sum up my week? I'm tired. Planning our worship set for Sunday was a real grind this week. As always, I spent time in prayer and to be sure, I'm looking forward to the time on Sunday. But to be real honest, what I'd really love is me and a piano and nobody else (which I got a little of today).

It's at times like this that I have to remind myself the same things I remind others; it's ok to worship through tiredness; or for that matter, through depression, loneliness, sadness, worry and fear. God is simply looking for hearts that are yielded to him.

What's the main point? The quality of our worship shouldn't be related to our experiences. So I've had a tired week; does that mean I can't worship God, or shouldn't worship Him, or that he won't accept my worship? Of course not. The circumstances of life don't change who God is. That's the point; God never changes. It is easy to think He does, because we do...but thankfully, He remains the same and desires our worship; our HEART'S all the time.

Looking forward to Sunday...

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