Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Heart of Worship

"Worship is all that we are, responding to all that God has revealed Himself to be, empowered by the Holy Spirit" - Dave Williamson

"We Worship for an 'Audience of One.' " - Soren Kierkegaard

In its essence, worship is simply 'responding to God.' We don't initiate worship, God does. We respond to Him...and as we respond to Him, we worship. This begs the question, "is your worship [response] appropriate for who God has revealed Himself to be?"

Matt Redman captures this in a song he wrote called Gifted Response.

"This is a gifted response,
Father we cannot come to you by our own merit,
But we have come in the name of Your Son,
as He glorifies you,
in the power of Your Spirit"

Worship is mysterious, because God is mysterious. Think about this: we worship Jesus and we worship with Jesus. Both are true statements. Jesus is both a co-worshipper, and the object of our worship. It's just one small part of the mystery that makes up Jehova. Let us come before him with that mystery in mind; putting aside our need to understand Him, focused instead on bringing a "broken and contrite heart" to a Holy God.

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