Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What Total Surrender Looks Like

Challenging, for sure - read on...

Dionysius, bishop of Alexandria, describing how believers responded to the plague of 260:

"The most of our brethren were unsparing in their exceeding love and brotherly kindness. They held fast to each other and visited the sick fearlessly, and ministered to them continually, serving them in Christ. And they died with them most joyfully, taking the affliction of others, and drawing the sickness from their neighbors to themselves and willingly receiving their pains. And many who cared for the sick and gave strength to others died themselves having transferred to themselves their death...But with the heathen everything was quite otherwise. They deserted those who began to be sick, and fled from their dearest friends. And they cast them out into the streets when they were half dead, and left the dead like refuse, unburied."

(Taken from an excerpt in the book The Externally Focused Church)

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