Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Worship: It's not

If this if your first time checking out this blog, read this first!

Music is personal...Worship is personal...why? Because our relationship's with God are personal. Nobody relates to God in exactly the same way so it makes sense to follow that no two people "worship" in exactly the same way. After all, worship, in one sense, is simply "expressing your love to God." When it comes to the "musical expression" of worship, the real fun begins.

Not all of us like it the same way. Some like the lights on, some like it dark with candles. Some like "fast, celebratory" music while others prefer "slow, introspective worship." Some prefer hymns while others prefer more contemporary songs, while still others prefer hymns sung like contemporary songs. Some like singing songs "about God," some like singing songs "to God," while still others like singing songs that "teach us theology." Some will only worship standing up, while others like to sit. Some are very outwardly expressive while others prefer to think and meditate on the music. Some of us dance, some of us don't, and some of us wish we could dance but don't...well, you get the point.

What is the point? What is a poor old worship leader to do? Try and to a little of everything in order to please the greatest number of people? Mix it up? Do some of everything?

To be sure, as a worship leader, I do try to do a number of different types of things in order to help people "Connect to God." However, if it ends there, we miss the point.

And What is the point? Worship is not about me!

When we come to corporately worship God, all of us must leave our preferences at the door and realize that the only true audience is the audience of 1; Jesus Christ. And what is it that he wants from us in worship? He wants us to worship in "spirit and truth."

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