Sunday, May 27, 2007


Does your relationship with God contain within it the "mysteriousness" of God? If not, then perhaps you don't have an accurate view of Him. Worship is mysterious because God is mysterious. What is a "mystery," after all, but simply something we don't understand? I love this definition of the word mystery I came across:

Mystery: something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained...

I don't know about you, but that definitely describes the God I know and worship. He is totally and utterly "unfathomable." The more I get to know Him, the less I know about Him. I think an immature faith is one that looks for equations in religion and focuses on works. We are looking for the prescribed behavior we must do to get the desired response from God. "If I do this, then God will do this." However, we soon "graduate" to Christianity 102 and find out that God doesn't operate that way. That's called maturity.

Consider just a few of the mysteries of God:
- We worship Jesus...and we worship with Jesus
- God is both "full of Grace" and "full of Truth."
- God is both "Abba, Father" (Daddy, God), and an "all-consuming fire."
- God is both "near to us" and "far above us."
- God is both "Savior" and "Friend."

Most of us probably tend to gravitate towards one side of God's character or the other. However, we must know and worship the "whole God." You can't worship Him as Friend and ignore his Holiness. By the same token, you can't worship Him as a "Holy God" and yet ignore the fact that He desires intimacy with you.

The challenge: worship Him for ALL that He has revealed Himself to be. Don't take the mystery out of your relationship with God.

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